The Process

As builders, Moffly Construction, Inc. approaches all their projects as a team endeavor. The team consists of the Contractor, Architect, Landscape Architect, Structural engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Interior Designers, Sub-Contractors, Material venders, and of course the Owners. Using this approach, Moffly Construction, Inc. typically becomes involved in the project early in the design phase working with the various professionals to assist them with creating the best long term value for the owner. As a result we are able to realize the visions of the Owners and the design Team

Moffly Construction, Inc. will only do one or two high quality projects at a time. This policy provides the owners and the design Team their full and undiluted attention

Once the project is completed, Moffly Construction, Inc. stands by their clients and services their homes, assisting them with the maintenance throughout the course of their ownership.